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Aztech Engineering - Company Profile

Aztech Engineering Limited began trading in May 2000 from its base at the Lower Clough Business Centre in Barrowford, Lancashire - one mile from the M65 motorway.

ISO 9001 accredited for quality assuranceToday, Aztech works with companies in the aerospace, defence and commercial manufacturing industries and has particular expertise in the automotive and motorsport sectors. Its employees' broad base of experience gives the company a confident approach to problem solving, while its well established engineering techniques and rapid response capability help to ensure that its customers' needs are always met promptly and effectively.


In today's markets, quality is an all-important issue. Consequently, in 2002, Aztech was proud to achieve ISO 9000 accreditation - a fact that underlines the company's continued commitment to delivering a reliable, high quality service at every stage of its operations.

Additionally, on completion, all manufactured machinery is CE marked. This is carried out by an independent third party, allowing an impartial view to be taken of the safety and compliance of the machine and its associated components. Technical manuals are produced as part of the CE marking procedure and these comprise the machine risk assessment, a list of relevant standards to which it adheres and any relevant calculations. These manuals are held by Aztech and may be inspected at any time by the customer.

Where required, capability (Cpk) studies are carried out prior to machine delivery, giving the customer confidence that the machine is fit for purpose.

For details of Aztech's technical facilities, please see the Plant List.

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